Truck Drivers Make Mistakes

By on 5-14-2016 in Injuries

Georgia State Patrol troopers responded to a truck accident at Interstate 75 Exit 37 near Old Quitman Road in Cook County, Georgia last Monday, March 21 and charged the 27-year-old truck driver Lewis Lopez with failure to maintain lane, a seat belt violation, and driving too fast for conditions.

According to preliminary investigations, the semi-truck that was headed north on I-75 tried to make a turn onto Exit 37 when it hit a guard rail on the driver’s side, jumped up an embankment, and finally came to a complete stop after striking another guardrail. Old Quitman Road had to be closed for renovations.

A semi-truck is different from a passenger in a number of ways, for instance, in ride height, driver field of vision, and stopping distance, thereby contributing to the frequency of accidents. Another factor contributing to the occurrence of truck accidents is the fact that commercial truck drivers are paid more if they cover more distance during their shift, thereby causing some of them to sometimes not prioritize the condition of other motorists on the road along with them.

Some of the most common instances when a truck driver can cause an accident on the road is when he doesn’t stop and rest at appropriate intervals or if he drives under the influence of sleep-suppressing substances like methamphetamine. The reason for this is because at some point, any tired driver, and more so a tired truck driver, is bound to commit a driving slip that can result in an accident, even if he seems to be powered up by an energizing drug.

Truck drivers can also cause accidents on the road by driving recklessly, making wide turns, merging lanes abruptly, carrying an unsafe amount of load, or driving above the speed limit.

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