How to Deal with Post Traumatic Stress after a Motor Vehicle Accident

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A host of things can happen after you are hurt in an accident. You may be treated by paramedics on the scene in minor cases,  taken to a hospital and treated for physical injuries, taken to see a specialist, or even rushed to surgery. However, after being hurt in an accident, you may need to be treated for more than just physical injuries. Car accidents can be extremely traumatic experiences, and often the mental injuries incurred in an accident are just as severe as the physical ones. Unfortunately, despite the potential lasting effects of these mental injuries, they are often not regarded with the same care as their physical counterparts and go unnoticed most of the time until they present increasingly dire symptoms.

One of the most common mental repercussions after an accident is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. As the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs notes,  motor vehicle accidents are the most frequently experienced traumatic event in men and the second most frequent in women.  Despite how common the condition is, most people aren’t aware of its basic symptoms and proper courses of treatment. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, PTSD symptoms can include angry outbursts, flashbacks, and nightmares, among a multitude of other cognition and mood symptoms that began after an accident. If you were hurt in an accident and have experienced similar symptoms, you may have Post Traumatic Stress or a similar anxiety disorder and should seek outside help immediately. A psychiatrist needs to diagnose the condition first and can then proceed to begin treatment methods, which may include medication, psychotherapy, and group counseling, all of which will aim to help you manage and reduce your symptoms. As noted by Russo, Russo, and Slania, P.C., such injuries can leave you with many “physical and emotional challenges” that are “difficult to overcome.” However, with proper attention to your mental health by certified health care professionals, such accidents and their resulting trauma can in fact be overcome and conquered.

Truck Drivers Make Mistakes

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Georgia State Patrol troopers responded to a truck accident at Interstate 75 Exit 37 near Old Quitman Road in Cook County, Georgia last Monday, March 21 and charged the 27-year-old truck driver Lewis Lopez with failure to maintain lane, a seat belt violation, and driving too fast for conditions.

According to preliminary investigations, the semi-truck that was headed north on I-75 tried to make a turn onto Exit 37 when it hit a guard rail on the driver’s side, jumped up an embankment, and finally came to a complete stop after striking another guardrail. Old Quitman Road had to be closed for renovations.

A semi-truck is different from a passenger in a number of ways, for instance, in ride height, driver field of vision, and stopping distance, thereby contributing to the frequency of accidents. Another factor contributing to the occurrence of truck accidents is the fact that commercial truck drivers are paid more if they cover more distance during their shift, thereby causing some of them to sometimes not prioritize the condition of other motorists on the road along with them.

Some of the most common instances when a truck driver can cause an accident on the road is when he doesn’t stop and rest at appropriate intervals or if he drives under the influence of sleep-suppressing substances like methamphetamine. The reason for this is because at some point, any tired driver, and more so a tired truck driver, is bound to commit a driving slip that can result in an accident, even if he seems to be powered up by an energizing drug.

Truck drivers can also cause accidents on the road by driving recklessly, making wide turns, merging lanes abruptly, carrying an unsafe amount of load, or driving above the speed limit.

What Are the Dangers with Morcellators?

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They say that the most powerful weapon you can have is that of information. It can be a tool that, if wielded properly, could vanquish any foe that you might ever encounter. An informed citizen, as they say, is the most dangerous one – as they know what their rights are and what they are capable of. More than anything, information is something that cannot be taken away from them. And, as an unfortunate side effect, this means that the lack of information can also be a dangerous thing for you – such is the case with morcellators.

Now, morcellators are devices used in laparoscopic surgical procedures (otherwise known as procedures that require but a minimum incision in order to insert the device into the body and perfect the surgery) and what the morcellator does is that it penetrates the body through the incision and suctions out the noncancerous growth. However, using the summaries from the website of Williams Kherkher, there have been many complaints regarding women who have claimed that the use of morcellators from Johnson and Johnson have caused endometrial cancer (a kind of cancer that affects the inner lining of the womb).

Cancer in all its different forms and variations are never easy to deal with and if you, or someone you know, have acquired cancer after the use of a morcellator, it is recommended that a legal team is contacted immediately for help. An attorney may be able to not only defend your case through the best way of wielding information but can also get you access to the best medical professionals in the field so that you may rest easily, knowing that your care and recovery are being handled by the best hands.

So equip yourself with the best knowledge available by surrounding yourself with people who know how to deal with situations like this properly. The most dangerous thing about morcellators could just as easily be when you don’t know what you can do about it when things go wrong when all the power is, indeed, yours.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

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Brain Injury Awareness Month happens every year in March. Headed by the Brain Injury Association of America, the goal of this month is to further inform people about the effects of brain injury and how they can help people in these unfortunate circumstances.

The theme of Brain Injury Awareness Month from 2015-2017 will be “Not Alone.” The idea behind this campaign is to try to eradicate the stigma that comes along with brain injury and in turn empower those that fell victim to circumstance.

One aspect of the campaign was a series of posters featuring people with a brain injury. On the poster is a caption meant to put someone in the shoes of a brain injury victim. For example, one of the captions reads, “5.3 million people living with brain injury want what everyone wants: a good job, a nice home, someone to love, and to enjoy their lives.” The Brain Injury Association also released a series of public service announcements voicing the same message and brain injury fact sheet which include statistics and causes of brain injury.

This year’s Brain Injury Awareness Day took place on March 18th. Co-chaired by Rep. Bill Pascrell and Rep. Tom Rooney, the events that took place throughout the day were organized by the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force. The activities included an Awareness Fair, a briefing about post injury support systems, and a reception. The majority of the events took place at the Rayburn House in Washington D.C.

The Houston personal injury lawyers of The Law Offices of Williams Kherkher, say on their website that the effects of traumatic injuries can be very overwhelming. The central purpose of Brain Injury Awareness Month is to let those who are living with this stress know that they are not alone, and that they deserve credit for being able to face the challenges they are presented with.

Types of Head Injuries

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There are many ways in which one can receive a head injury. Head injuries are debilitating. The recovery process can be long; victims of head injuries are limited in function due to an inhibited cognitive system.

Types of these injuries can be concussions, contusions, and penetration. Each have different symptoms and recovery processes, however are equally as harmful.

Concussions can occur from a wide range of causes. They are the most common type of brain injury, and come from a direct blow from the head or whiplash. During this sudden impact, the brain’s blood vessels are stretched and nerves can be damaged. Depending on the severity, concussions take up to months to recover from. Common practices of the recovery process include staying in dark rooms, testing the brain’s prognosis through mental tests once a week, and rehabilitation.

Contusions are similar to concussions because they can be caused by impacts to the head. However, contusions are bruises on the brain. In serious cases, the contusion may need to be surgically removed.

A last example of head injuries is penetration. This happens when a sharp objects exerts into the head of a person. Penetration is considerably painful because foreign objects, hair, and other fragments enter the head. When an object travels slowly through the skull, it can deflect off different surfaces and broaden the damaged area. In contrast, a “through-and-through” is when an object hastily enters, travels through, and exits the brain. Each of these types of penetration tear and stretch brain tissue, and can result in a traumatic brain injury with serious repercussions.

Head injuries are detrimental because they can cause extreme pain whether instantaneously or over a period of time. It can displace a person from performing every day functions, inhibiting one’s life until recovered. If you have have received an injury to the head at the fault of another, compensation can help provide for medical costs as well as finances for time lost.

Premises Liability 101

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Anyone who owns a piece of property is thereby given the due responsibility of keeping it safe and structurally sound in order to prevent accidents or causing anyone injury. This can be a most difficult endeavor, especially when dealing with older infrastructures that hold a certain level of historical significance. Be the premises old or new, the owner or tenant is just as liable for any accidents that occur or injury that result if their property gives way for harm to happen to someone else. According to the website of the Sampson Law Firm, any property must not pose a threat to the safety of any natural or juridical person who might enter it.

Cases like this can be as easy to process, such as those of the ones caused by sheer slip and fall accidents (usually the result of ill-marked wet floors) but, most times, it isn’t quite as straightforward as all that. There have been cases of premises liability that were due to the inhabitants becoming exposed to dangerous toxins that could be sometimes found in paint laced with lead. Sometimes, the owner or tenant liable cannot be held entirely at fault but the victim of the accident is just as due rightful compensation for damages sustained.

If you have fallen into an accident or sustained an injury at a given premises due to the owner’s negligence of the property, the owner is liable to pay charges for the damage done. This is not always easily done, especially if the owner at hand is a big corporation with insurance firms that are more than happy to let the matter get swept under the rug.

If you are seeking the legal services of a personal injury lawyer that specializes in premises liability claims, you will need to ensure that the experts you hire can fight for your rights and present your case in such a way that your case can go by in as smooth and efficient a way as possible. The only thing you need to worry about is recovering from the accident, once you hire the right kind of legal aid.